Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Awards in Reykjavik

" Volcano, by Runar Runarsson, won key awards at the eighth Reykjavik International Film Festival on Saturday night."

International Critic’s Award went to Rúnar Rúnarsson´s VOLCANO (Eldfjall).
"Jury Statement "For the sensitive yet unsentimental portrayal, built on powerful acting, of themes that are not usually the focus of filmmaking: aging with dignity in an intimate relationship, dealing with severe illness, caring and dying." Films from the New Visions program are eligible. On the jury are Alison Elizabeth Frank, Ph.D. from the University of Oxford (England); Nicole Santé, Chair of Dutch Board of Film Journalists (Holland) and Susanne Schütz, Arts Editor Rheinpfalz (Germany)."

Was given to Rúnar Rúnarsson´s VOLCANO (Eldfjall),
Jury Statement
"a love story that has transcended the years and now confronts the final chapter. The Church of Iceland film award is presented for the sixth time this year. Jury Statement “Volcano is a realistic film, carried by a strong story, excellent acting and confident direction. Volcano is a film about love in all of its diversity. It shows the intimacy and pleasure of lovers. It shows responsible and sacrifical love. Mesmerizing close-ups soften a harsh man and connect the audience and the protagonist. Volcano is a film about family, about interaction that is both broken and whole. It shows despair, it mediates hope. It shows use closeness and annoyance, warmth and coldness, joy and pain. Volcano is a film about growing old and reminds us of the human need for care and presence. Volcano is a film that leaves the viewer with questions and compels a conversation.” "

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